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VIPs at English Language Learning Club are serious about taking their English to the next level. They are Intermediate learners who want to be Upper Intermediate. They are Upper Intermediate learners who want to become Advanced learners. They are successful people who want to get the best possible IELTS score. Most of all they are people who know that if you want to aim for English Fluency, you have to invest time and effort.

Here at the English Language Learning Club we are serious about helping you to meet your English targets. We are helping all our members, but if you want to put that extra effort in that makes you a VIP, we are going to go the extra mile for you.

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VIP Benefits

Listen to native speakers in natural conversation and then try our fun quizzes so that you can test your understanding.
Play some great word games based on the content of each podcast and see if you can complete our challenges faster than your friends!
We will also explain some of the words and phrases that our speakers used. Why did they say what they did? We will show you how and when can you use those same phrases and sound just like a native speaker!