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Learning a language – any language – involves a range of skills. You need speaking, writing, listening, reading and watching skills and you need to practice using these skills. There are many different schools and websites offering to help you with these.

It also involves memory skills, psychology skills, an awareness of your own learning style and some cultural knowledge. There are places where you can learn more about each of these.

You will have your own personal reasons for learning a new language, your own targets to meet. Most people achieve these more quickly with the support of others. They can also build their own confidence by supporting other learners.

Imagine if there was one place that you could go, where you could get all of this. A place that offered help and information on how to learn. A place that offered support for you as you learn. A place that offered many different ways to learn.

The place that you are imagining is The Language Learning Club.

The first language we are going to focus on is English. More people in the world are learning English than any other language. Together we will use our skills and knowledge to help those people, to help you, to reach your English goals. But why stop at English? Once you have done that, what will be the next language you learn?

There is no cost to become a member of the English Language Learning Club – we hope you will “pay” by joining in the discussions we have, by asking questions, by giving your own ideas. Be part of the community. In return you will receive free lessons, free podcasts, and as we grow all the resources and support you need.

In addition, we will offer extra membership packages which you can choose if you want to. Click here for full details of our membership packages.

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